Old Testament Prophets.

"PROPHETS PAINTED ON SPECIAL PREPARED WALL" with chalk powder and natural glue being fine sanded. After drawing is being scratched into the wall (as in fresco technique)and prepared with wet egg emulsion in order for the colors to adhere easily.This is ONLY TECHNIQUE to be applied in your church where FRESCO TECHNIQUE cannot  be done.  In last 50 years we can see to many Churches with applied canvas painted with acrylic colors(very improper and unfeeling),this is a artificial polivinylic mixture. If you already choose acrylic on canvas for your church you got a wrong iconography. Because all around you, made the same mistake and they call this to be the right thing .You have to be well-informed and above then all of this: if you will pray with a clean heart, GOD can make you to understand the right way.

This is our faith and only way to save your soul is to put your life for others and share your gift because this is GOD revelation in our world. We have only one Church ......."I will let you one Church" our Lord IISUS HRISTOS told us. This is only one till the end of the world,unchanged. The same about painting icons,we have a real tradition deep spiritual revelated in prayers to are Church Fathers and thousand of saints-martyrs etc. All they die saving them soul. This days we cannot do the right in our Churches because everybody follow money and politics:everything have to be nice and shine without soul.We can see real art frescoes and secco paintings from more than 900 years back.  With  canvas and acrilyc painting we have a 20 years warranty (polyvinylic acrylat=artificial plastic) - nothing for next generation.Living just for you,you live on the edge............and the edge represent the devil.

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